Curriculum vitae

Born in Dijon, France

Studied Art at the Ecole d’Arts Appliqués in Sèvres near Paris

Member of the “Berufsverband Bildender Künstler“ (German Association of Visual Artists, BBK)

Member of the women artists group “Zehn F 90”

Collaborated with the WIND SPIEL theatre in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt), in Croatia (Zagreb, Split, Vrgorac) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (Mostar)

Since 1968, my work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in France, Germany, Croatia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria and the USA

My works are held in both private and public collections

I have been leaving and working in Berlin since 1966

Exhibitions (a selection of exhibitions since 2000)


Diocletian’s Palace, Split (Croatia), „Igracka vjetrova”, Zehn F 90


National Library of Zagreb (Croatia), “Hymnodia to mou somati”, paintings and objects (S.C.)


Studio Palazzi, Venice (Italy), “Endophasie” (S)

Capek Gallery, Prague (Czech Republic), “Traces of Life” (S, C)


Stage sets for the Theatre Academy LaLuz, Berlin


Four Evangelists’ Church; Pankow / Berlin, “Logos” with Marika Voß


Inselgalerie, Berlin, “fokus Szymborska “ (C)


Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin, “Verortung” (C)

Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin, “Körpersprache” (S)

Took part in the “Lange Nacht der Museen” (Long Night of Museums) in Berlin


“all arts” gallery, Wittkiel (Germany, “A capella” (S)

Galerie Art Présent, Paris, (S)

Galerie Kunstzentrum Tegel-Süd “10 years of painting” (S)


“Lange Nacht der Museen”, Berlin

Galerie Remise DEGEWO, Berlin, “L’échappée belle” (S)

Blue Mountain Gallery, New York (C)


KulturVorrat, Berlin, “Frontière sauvage” (S)

Church of Neuholland, (Germany), (S)

Galerie Art Présent, Paris, (S)


Inselgalerie, Berlin, “Evas Töchter” with Inge Kaspar-Böhm (S)

Galerie Art Présent, Paris, “Salon d’été”

Kulturfabrik, Zehdenick, “Tuchfühlung” with Salvador Menjibar

Graphothek Berlin (Graphic art lending programme)

Kunstzentrum Tegel-Süd, Berlin, “Lange Nacht der Ateliers” (Long Night of Artists’ Studios)

(S) Solo exhibition, (C) Catalogue

I currently work mostly with acrylic paint on canvas and use mixed techniques on paper. In its complexity the human body is of particular interest to me not only in his external appearance in figurative abstraction but also as internal structures in abstract compositions.

As an artist I compare myself to a traveller who is trying to reach his destination and realises that the journey itself is the destination.

My work

In addition to drawings, nude sketches, engravings in various forms an travel notebooks, I work mostly with acrylic paint on canvas and use mixed techniques on paper or other materials.

In my work I am primarily interested in the body and its complexity. In my paintings, apart from the nudes I sketch for practice, I keep away from a realistic representation of nature through deeper reflection seeking a more abstract expression.

My source of inspiration is often literature, in particular “Hymnodia to mou somati” (Hymn to my Body), a long poem by the Croatian poet Augustin Tin Ujević. I named many of my works and several exhibitions in Prague, Berlin and Zagreb after the Greek title of this poem. The artist’s book “Textiles -Text’îles - îles de textes” (ERASMUS Publishers - Zagreb - 1998) combines extracts of poems by Augustin Tin Ujević with paintings.

The project “focus Szymborska” brought together various European female artists (from Poland, Germany and France) who found inspiration in texts by the Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska (Nobel Price in Literature 1996) Their various works, using diverse techniques, including engraving, photography, painting and installation, were first exhibited in Berlin at the Inselgalerie in August 2005 and later in Stargast, Poland.


The installations “Traces de vie” (Traces of Life) (inspired by Tin Ujević) shown at the Čapek Gallery in Prague and “Le choix” (The Choice) (after a poem by Szymborska) shown at the Inselgalerie in Berlin, complement canvasses and collages on the same themes. For these Installations I have almost exclusively used the fabric of old bed sheets which have been accompanied human beings from birth to death.

As part of exhibition „Evas Töchter” (Eve’s Daughters) at the Inselgalerie in Berlin, the installation „Frauen der Revolution” (women of the French Revolution) presented Théroigne de Méricourt, Manon Roland and Olympe de Gouges, three women who were leading figures of the revolutionary movement and were eliminated (guillotined or locked away in psychiatric asylum) by their male counterparts in the name of anti-feminism notorious in the land of human rights where the rights of women are ignored. On strips of canvas measuring 350 cm by 65 cm, showing portraits and quotations which tell the story of their lives, tailor dummies evoke the death or madness that sealed their fate.

“Weg der Sinne” (The Way of the Senses) is an installation which was exhibited in the garden of Centre Bagatelle in Berlin. It is an itinerary taking the visitor on a barefoot tour across various materials - hard, soft and creaky surfaces - through porticoes from which strips of fabric hang and brush against the face and body to release simulating fragrances. The visitor’s eye is caught by the colours of the strips whose subtle nuances from violet to red suggest a rainbow.